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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Week - @BullBossJosh #CarnallyYours


            One of the most beautiful cocks on the earth belongs @BullBossJosh and he's got the replicas of this magnificent specimen of nature's random design to prove it.

            Go check out more of his pics and vids and be mesmerized yourself.


Wednesday, December 20, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @dontmind_xxx_ #CarnalyyYours #XaccountofTheDay


            There are some men who turn me on, on sight, and if he were fully clothed, it would be all the same to me.

            @dontmind_xxx_  exudes sexiness just standing still and the picture above is some of my favourite content of his.  Sure, it's a bonus to see that beefy cock burst with heavy amounts of thick jizz but it doesn't take him doing too much to get my imagination going in regards to what he puts out.



Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Why Do Guys Get Random Erections & Other Weird Facts About Men #CarnallyYours #CarnalVision

AMA | Retrograde Ejaculation, BPH, Recurrent UTIs, OAB #CarnalVision #CarnallyYours


The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @cafeandcock #CarnallyYours #XAccountofTheWeek


            I'm not really a big coffee guy.  Well, I don't have a cuppa first thing in the morning anyway, but if my coffee came stirred by a big delicious cock like @cafeandcock 's I'd probably be really jittery the majority of the day because I would be drinking it in the gallons.

            He doesn't post your typical run of the mill cock pics and bator videos.  I love the "up early in the morning before everyone else at your friend's house whose father is in the kitchen making coffee with his bathrobe open" type vibe to his work and I really appreciate the visuals to go with my adolescent fantasies.


Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Week - @HCock92 #CarnallyYours


            Some of my favourite cumshots come by way of @HCock92 .  It's like watching a towering volcano erupt and I imagine my mouth at the bottom of his shaft catching the hot cooze make it's long descent down onto my lips.  You can tell I've been fantasizing about it a little bit.


XXXMAS #CarnallyYours #CarnalVision