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Thursday, August 31, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @ItsTaylorGunner #CarnallyYours

            Just discovered this account this morning.  I'm pretty sure it was the red hair that got me but this lady right here is great on the eyes and she knows it.  It's not a smut heavy account, I really just appreciate natural, perfect ten beauty when I see it and @ItsTaylorGunner is just that.
            I'm sure if you troll around enough on this account you'll find plenty of video action but a lot of the classy pics of her just being naked are enough to get a rise out of me.  Check it out for yourself.


Wednesday, August 30, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @fyfriendlyfyre #CarnallyYours

            I don't know who created the account for @fyfriendlyfyre or who's running it, but they're doing a bang up job.  If you're like a moderate freak, like I am than this account is right up your alley.  A bit of DP, bukkake, and group play tend to be the par for course on this account.  Nothing too extreme, which is fine if it's your taste but I wouldn't be surprised if this account were a gateway.  Best to be shared with your significant other because if the two of you are exploring something more but safe, I highly recommend checking it out.



Tuesday, August 29, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @BananasRamas #CarnallyYours


            One of the best aspects of sucking a cock or getting fucked is that slapping sound a good pair of low hanging balls make slamming into your chin or ass.  I love checking out @BananasRamas account because I do have a fetish for low hanging balls and his are some of the best in the business.
            If you've got a fantasy about gargling a balls sack in your mouth, you need look no further.  You're welcome.



Monday, August 28, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @taylorstoes1978 #CarnallyYours

   @taylorstoes1978 was blessed with an ageless body.  Great tits, and ass, the cornerstones of a hot MILF.  I don't get to check out her account often because I'm following a lot of people but I'm for sure going to go into further investigation after I post this.  Enjoy!



Friday, August 25, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @BiMarriedDaddie #CarnallyYours

  Three words never fit together better than Bi, married and daddy as far as my wildest fantasies are concerned.  It's the anonymity and the discretion that make encounters with these guys more fun than your typical hookup.
  Their checking you out in public bathrooms, mall change rooms, the park, the elevator and so on and their always ready for action and to be quick about it.
  @BiMarriedDaddie has one of my favourite accounts because of the average joe factor, in a good way.  You're not expecting to get the biggest fattest cock in the public bathrooms and he's most likely not going to be wearing a cock ring or have some crazy wild fetish dream he's going to be looking to get fulfilled.  He just likes pulling his cock out of his jeans and shaking it for you, in tease.  And that's hot to me.



Thursday, August 24, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @boyhornyalt #CarnallyYours #CarnalCopiasListTopTen

   One of the first posts in my feed to come up this morning was from @boyhornyalt 's account and it's always a pleasure to see what's new with him.  He's gotta be in the right spot at the right time all the time because he's never short on content and I'm so jealous that I don't live anywhere nearby with a scene like his.  All of that married cock, coming out of the woods and cars, to suck on.  Lucky guy.
   Definitely in my top ten accounts and he'll most likely be in yours too.  



Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Virgins and Sex Workers Play Truth or Drink #CarnalVision

Girls Order Pizza NAKED Prank πŸ• #CarnalVision


The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - SmilingBear2022 #CarnallyYours #CarnalcopiaslistTopTen

   This is one of my favourite accounts because he delivers just what his name implies.  Great pics and videos and he's always smiling.  I very much look forward to his content in the morning just because of his pleasant disposition and his great cock, of course.
   Check out @SmilingBear2022 's account and make it your daily practice for your viewing pleasure and regulate your nervous system with a good wank while you're at it.



Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @HW_Alesh #FuxWithMe #TopTenMILF

   Just stumbled upon this account this morning on my daily X account patrol and was absolutely elated that I found it.  @HW_Alesh is my kind of MILF because she has an approachable aura about her that is naturally sexy.  I was turned on quite easily and tempted drain my load right where I sit, (I'm saving it up for later).  
   I really had to scan a lot for the perfect photo of her and this one was my favourite but her videos rock.  
   Whether she's sucking a real cock or riding a real one, she real gets into the action and single ready handed dudes like myself, really appreciate it.



Monday, August 21, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @BjHammerXXX

A lot of body builders are showing up in my feed nowadays so, I'll gladfully go with it.  @BJHammerxxx isn't necessarily a bodybuilder but he's a hot muscular guy and that's more than enough.  Even his tattoos turn me on and I'm not the biggest fan of them but lately I've been drawn to big body tats, so bonus!  He's the ultimate guy next door type, if that turns you on.  I wonder if he's handy as well? 😏  Go and look up more of his photos and videos, you'll most likely be there for hours.


Friday, August 11, 2023

How to Clean Up Before and After Anal Sex (2021) #CarnalVision


The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @Jason05447357 #FuxWithMe

   Just imagine walking through your neighbourhood, minding your own business, kinda, and coming across this daddy bear stroking his cock in his garage with the door wide open for all to see.
   It's the fantasy that @Jason05447357 fulfills for his followers with his amazing videos featuring a fat ass cock and the most amazing moan and groan reactions when he busts his jizzy mess all over the garage floor.
   Then, he looks at you and smirks and closes the garage door and you're left stunned at what you just witnessed.  Then, you hurry home so that you can fantasize that he invited you in, and you start your own hand session.


Thursday, August 10, 2023

The Carnalcopia X Account of The Day - @MrJamesYork #FuxWithMe

   The first post I saw in my post today was this sexy man right here stroking a big powerful cum rod teasing us with the hope of an eruptive future.  @MrJamesYork is in that A tier on the list of hot daddies that so many guys drool over.
   He's ruggedly built and hairy, and he's handsome, no, hot as hell.  What turns me on the most about his though is that he's verbal in his videos and I love dirty sex talk.
   Check him out, you won't be disappointed at all.



Wednesday, August 9, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @Hungtoronto1 #FuxWithMe

   Another big😏 favourite X account of mine is @Hungtoronto1 's account.  His dick pics aren't works of art but the beautiful and veiny rod is, and he's a local dude so I gotta show some support.  
   His pics are a wonderful sight to behold if you should ever wake up with some wood and need motivation to drain it.  Which is the whole point of beautiful works of art, to inspire.




Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @Boston_DILF #FuxWithMe

I've been noticing his posts a lot more often and they always work in turning me on.  He never really misses and that's the key to @Boston_DILF 's cock shots.  It's a beautiful cock, of course but his posts aren't the typical dick pic.  You get a great sense of the size of that beautiful cock because of the perspective of the photos.  This pic for instance is hot because you can totally imagine walking by his car and seeing him taking this pic.  If only 🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀.



Monday, August 7, 2023

The Rise And Fall Of Prostitution In Amsterdam's Red Light District | Rise And Fall #CarnalVision

What is Orgasm? | How to Achieve Multiple Orgasm? | Modern Pleasure Podcast #CarnalVision


The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @lastraight #FuxWithMe #Carnalcopiaslisttopten

   This is probably my number one favourite X account.  If you're a freak, which means you're up for just about anything sexually, than @lastraight is the X account for you.
   Sometimes the posts are funny, sometimes they're off the wall and sometimes they're down right confusing but the one thing they they will always be is fucking hot.  You find yourself liking some of the videos and questioning your sanity because you tend to find out about things you really didn't know you would be into when you go through the account and it's well worth the pillage.


Friday, August 4, 2023

Porn Stars Show Me Their Favorite Sex Position πŸ”ž #CarnalVision


The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @Farmer8Blake #FuxWithMe #CarnalcopiaslistTopTen

   @Farmer8Blake is on my #CarnalcopiaslistTopTen for good reason.  He's a top daddy god.  I'm not a hungry, or thirsty bottom or anything, but he's a giant, sexy man working on a farm.  He's a romance novel fantasy, basically.  
    His videos are always on point and hot all the time, even when he's bottoming.  I really just marvel at them and you will too.  I promise, whatever your sexual orientation or gender, you won't be disappointed.  




Thursday, August 3, 2023

Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @pawgbunni #FuxWithMe

    Is there such thing as the perfect pussy?  If you're in search, look no further than @pawgbunni 's X account for picks of some of the juiciest looking flaps you'll ever see.  Your lips will get moist on sight.  An instant on the spot masturbation session as far as I'm concerned and I plan of being a regular visitor.



Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Sex clubs and gang bangs - GIRL TALK with Amelia and R INSIDE THE X CLUB! #CarnalVision


The X Account of The Day - @ndnudists #FuxWithMe

I don't know about you, but my carnal cravings are vast and various and being bi, the ultimate fantasy is always about stratigh(ish) couples.

I came 😏across this  upon @ndnudists my internet travels yesterday and I gotta say, they're hot as hell.  It's rare to find straight young couples out and open on the internet so it's great to see the next generation getting into the swing of things.  

 Go check them out already.


Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Behind the closed doors of NZ’s male sex workers | Red Light Boys #CarnalVision


X Account of the Day - @TopBossUK #FuxWithUs

It didn't take long for me to find this beefy stud this morning.  @TopBossUk  is the type of guy that makes you horny when he's fully dressed so it's really just a bonus that you even get to see his cock, which is beautiful, of course.

His videos are fucking awesome, is really the only way to put it.  I don't really need to type anymore here, just go and see his blessed work for yourself.

Mario Llyod.