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Friday, August 25, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Day - @BiMarriedDaddie #CarnallyYours

  Three words never fit together better than Bi, married and daddy as far as my wildest fantasies are concerned.  It's the anonymity and the discretion that make encounters with these guys more fun than your typical hookup.
  Their checking you out in public bathrooms, mall change rooms, the park, the elevator and so on and their always ready for action and to be quick about it.
  @BiMarriedDaddie has one of my favourite accounts because of the average joe factor, in a good way.  You're not expecting to get the biggest fattest cock in the public bathrooms and he's most likely not going to be wearing a cock ring or have some crazy wild fetish dream he's going to be looking to get fulfilled.  He just likes pulling his cock out of his jeans and shaking it for you, in tease.  And that's hot to me.



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