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Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Week - @playtimelovers #CarnalcopiasListTopTen #CarnallyYours #TopTenMilf


            This week's account of the week is new to me but I'm gonna catch up on the media content soon enough.  I love watching couples and this is by far my favourite of them all.  @playtimelovers provides the goods in bundles.  When you wanna watch a couple fuck, you want the raw goods and that's exactly what this couple delivers.  

            They're really adept at capturing the heat of the moment.  Their aren't any boring penetration camera angles or other tricks or stunts.  It's like you've got a hidden camera on a couple that likes to fuck spontaneously, so it makes for an extra turn on..

            If you like to watch a couple fuck and not watch a couple fucking, I would highly suggest this couple right here.


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