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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Week: @kdawg75032447 #CarnallyYours


            One of my favourite fantasies is doing my laundry in the building that I live in and one of those hot dads is checking you out and he notices me checking out the bulge in his laundry sweatpants and he kinda likes it and then I take him back to my apartment and pull his cock out of his pants and he just wants to cum so badly that when I start sucking him off he bursts all over my face and he's got the back of my head in one hand and his cock in another and he's painting my face with hot gooey jizz while he's moaning and panting with relief and he puts it back in and smiles at me and leaves to get back to his wife.  In this case, it would be back to @kdawg75032447 's husband.

            I've been stroking to his videos for a while now and you should check him out to see if it works the same for you.


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