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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The Carnalcopia's List X Account of The Week - @BadDragonWhit #CarnallyYours #CLFeaturedXAccount


            After all my pervy years on Twitter/X, having seen a million profiles of amazing women, there area  very small few that I actually follow and there's a very particular reason why; authenticity.

            Dudes are really into women who genuinely like being sexual and we can tell when it's a performance, or they're just into it for the money.  @BadDragonWhit is a breath of fresh air in that regard.  The moment I saw her playing with that beautiful pussy, I could tell that she really liked doing so and that doing it for an audience really turned her on.

            It may seem like it's a small thing or that I'm being a little too particular, but when you got your cock in your hand and a beauty like her on the screen showing you how much fun she's having, it really personalizes the experience and makes it all that more hot.

            Check her out, especially because she's the first entry on my featured accounts list.


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